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We saw But I’m A Cheerleader this weekend, which was excellent. The only real turn-off of the entire film was an overall strange color output on the film — everything looked a little dull and washed out. Not sure if it’s post-production or something to do with our old TV. Whatever the case, the story itself was excellent — a touching love story, and a lighthearted comedy about the idea of “immersion treatment” to “cure” homosexuality — a silly concept from the start. I don’t think the point was to take the whole thing as a drama — it’s a dark comedy that doesn’t try to take itself seriously — and it does quite well at that. 8/10.

The Big One struck a different note with me. I now think I understand how other people feel when they see a Michael Moore film. While I could have gone either way on Roger and Me, I find myself in most cases enjoying Moore’s films, though more as entertainment than buying into them. However, with The Big One, I found myself saying “You’re an idiot!” Then again, despite my liberal bias, I feel globalization and domestic downsizing in uncompetitive markets is a fact of life — and resisting it with subsidies and profit-taking is retarded. Moore, like always, gets his point across (though this earlier work is hacked together without as much consistency or focus as his newer films) … but I don’t find myself going along with it. Trying to divorce myself from the actual political aspect of the documentary, I’d give it a 6/10.