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  • Thanks to the ACM World Programming Contest, I was reminded once again that music is at its core a mathematical beast, and that like most math, it only becomes art once you start to play with it. It took me far too long to think about why B# would be an invalid progression (collision with B) because I’d forgotten the rules of double-sharping (conveniently left unmentioned and taken for granted) in the context of major scales.
  • I learned about the psychoacoustic effects of listening via headphones/earbuds/etc. All other things aside, this offers some explanation as to why I can only listen to my iRiver for a certain amount of time before I grow tired of it. Of course, there are solutions to this, in the forms of various delay circuitry and DSP magic, but each has a nasty trade-off. And, like anything, anything additional in the signal path must degrade the signal.
  • Prolog is still cool, but useless. I thought it was a lot of fun in school, as theoretical tool, but still have yet to see a practical use for it that wasn’t somewhat contrived. It’s a shame, but it is what it is. On a side note, I found rather quickly that trying to use syntax highlighting with Prolog is silly, since as soon as you define new operators and so forth vim would actually have to compile the thing and dynamically syntax-highlight it … possible? Yes. Worthwhile? No.