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Sometimes I wish they just gave me the numbers and didn’t say anything, then I can just take the numbers for what they are, and feel whatever way I do about them, because at least I have them, and what’s done is done.

But goddamn, I don’t know what to think when somebody tells me “you should be making more than this” and “your bonus should be larger than this” and “it’s hard to do that as quickly as we would like” but “you’re definitely in the pool for promotion for next round if you stick with us.” That opens up all sorts of self-doubt, questions about whether there was enough fighting on one’s behalf, whether they’re just lying to make you feel better, and all sorts of thinly veiled promises of better things to come. At the end of the day if you’re told “you’re not being paid what you’re worth” and you’re working for a company that has the pockets to pay people what they’re worth … I’m not unahppy, mind you, it was just a weird way to put things.

Wah wah wah. Ok, I promise, no more compensation whining this year; it’s not becoming. Hold me to that.