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Due to the firm’s requirement that we have our performance review before we receive compensation (logical), my boss called from another country yesterday in order to give it to me. This was somewhat brief, though the intent was to have a “full discussion” once he gets back. I believe that, I do… But, basically in terms of my electronic review documents, they consist of almost no feedback from my existing manager, and a huge block of stuff copied and pasted from my old manager’s review. The only other stuff provided was my development area, which basically said “I’m overworked, and I need to offload some work to other people, rather than taking it all on myself, except first there needs to be people to which work can be offloaded, which to this point has not been possible due to other projects going on.” Yeah, I knew that; I even identified that myself as my biggest problem that needs to be addressed in the coming year.

In any event, I wanted something a little more concrete in terms of developmental areas (and again, I’m sure I’ll get these from my current manager in the coming month), so I went to my old manager to have a quick pseudo-review, being that I worked for him for 2/3 of last year in the first place. He basically said “you know all of the obvious stuff” and pointed out the points that I knew I needed to change. “Your biggest challenge is not in managing down, it’s in managing up — managing your manager.” It took a while for that to sink in, but I think it’s dead-on.

Then again, he says that he is pretty sure he knows me better than I know myself at this point. He also seems to think I’m about to quit the firm, without coming out and saying quite like that.