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Today has been crazy at work. It did a great job of knocking down any “you know, I should just learn to like this” thoughts I had yesterday.

On a brighter note, I’ve talked to Chris at Chris Coffee Service, and have arranged for delivery of two shiny stainless steel and chrome espresso-creating contraptions, weighing in together at somewhere near 70 pounds. Thank god for free shipping; espresso nirvana is on the way. Now if only we had the kitchen space to accommodate it all… Chris cut a bit of a deal (nothing special) on the purchase, though hardly enough to accommodate for the price gains on the grinder and espresso machine over the last month due to the declining value of the dollar. Thank you again, Bush.

I’ve been too busy to learn anything today, so I’ve managed to miss that weekday goal for the first time. Maybe something will come to me later.