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Tivo has made some interesting moves, and I think it’s a good direction. In
essence, they’re taking on Windows Media Center Edition by releasing a
developer toolkit for the Tivo Home Media Edition, which will allow the
creation of custom apps for the Tivo. Realizing that MCE is going to destroy
them rather quickly in standard Microsoft fashion if they do not innovate, I
think this is the smartest thing they’ve done in a while. While I still prefer
my ReplayTV over any Tivo, I think this is the only real way to go, and the
complete lack of innovation on the ReplayTV front is going to kill any hopes
they had left, leaving MCE and Tivo to duke it out, and I think we all know how
that’s going to end. I’m somewhat tempted to get a Tivo and start playing
around just to help the underdog, but I’m not sure I can justify another DVR
sitting around the house. We’ll see.