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  • Dropping a subtle hint in conversation like “because I’m going to be out of the country from March 27th onward” is a good way to get the attention of a manager that keeps avoiding having meetings with you.
  • The Canon EOS 20D is much lighter than I thought; after being used to a heavy plastic bodied EOS-3, the magnesium chassis feels light and cheap. I gave it a go while waiting for my passport photos to develop (all six of them, as they came in pairs, and I needed five), along with the EF-S 10-22mm (not compatible with the normal EF-mount, equivalent to roughly a 16-35 on 35mm, but without the abberations that would normally come with mounting a 10mm fish-eye not built for the tiny CCD sensor). I like the lens, though it’s a shame the glass is so dark. I would much rather a pair of /2.8 or so primes at maybe 10mm and 18mm that were built on the EF-S platform, but it is what it is. Even in a dim store on dark glass, the camera focuses comparably to my EOS-3, though I had to go to manual focus to get the focus correct at the short end of the focus range. Picture taking is fast and responsive compared to a point and shoot digital, and feels pretty similar to the EOS-3; focusing and metering is definitely faster than the Elan IIe. The user interface reminds me more of the EOS-3 (good) than the Elan/Rebel (bad), in that it gives you access to everything you’d need with a single hand; I’m not as used to the hat controller as opposed to the main/auxiliary wheels, but I suspect that can be reconfigured with the custom functions. At the end of the day, much closer a typical film SLR than I had expected, and the onboard flash was usable. They didn’t have a 100mm/2.8 USM macro in stock, which was the other toy I wanted to play with, but alas.
  • Fresh-roasting Sweet Maria’s Espresso Monkey blend yields an espresso that is in my opinion easily on par with Intelligentsia’s Black Cat blend. This is good and bad, I suppose.