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If you haven’t heard previously, I hate FedEx. Today’s treat is that my powerbook, coming from Shanghai, apparently came without an apartment number on the address label. Now, I know Apple had the information, since they correctly shipped my AppleCare and so forth, but this is through FedEx International as opposed to FedEx, so god knows whose fault it is. At the end of the day, they tried to deliver my package, and there was no apartment number on the package, so they threw it back in the truck and gave up. I called FedEx, gave them my tracking number, and was told “oh, that’s an international tracking number, you’ll need to call FedEx International.” “Uh, can you transfer me?” “Sure.” Of course, each time I had to give my tracking number (including the first time I talked to a representative, which was after I’d keyed it into the system) … why the redundancy? Why the lack of integration between domestic and international shipping?

In any event, they said they could send a note to add the apartment number, but their confidence that this would actually work was underwhelming. Swell. I am also able to pick up the package from the Stamford distribution center (thank god it didn’t get returned to Memphis or something this time). I think we’ll try that.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression; the other package from FedEx came as expected; but so far that’s a record of 33% for my last three shipments. Not so hot.

Update: So I went to FedEx, and explained/reminded them of the situation, and that they were holding it for me in theory to pick up tonight. 53 minutes later (!!), they were able to figure out that the package was on a truck, and offered to deliver it. I again confirmed they had my apartment number, and crossed my fingers.

Part of what caused the delay was a hispanic man who came in and did not speak any English. He had a driver’s license/W-2/registration that all had addresses at a convenience store, where apparently several people have mailboxes for whatever legal reason. That said, he lives at another address, where the package was supposed to be delivered, and his father (to whom the package is addressed) works in Bridgeport until 8PM, the same time as when FedEx closes. It took quite a while to get all of the information back and forth with the guy, and convince him that he couldn’t have the package unless he could prove he lived at the other address. Maybe this is foreshadowing of what will happen to me in France. I felt bad for the guy, the whole situation was awkward.

Anyhow, I need to just remind myself that the package will not arrive tonight, it will not arrive ever, and it will be back on its way to Shanghai; once I have acknowledged that, I can be pleasantly surprised if FedEx ever gets this right.

Update update: So they delivered it, but not really; they left a sticker on the door of the apartment building without calling up (using the directory or the phone number written on the package. Now it’s back to the distribution center again.