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  • Google Maps is about the coolest thing ever. You can click and drag the maps, and it scales to fit your web browser, and on and on. Further, being able to just input free-form places/addresses is worlds easier than filling out 3-5 separate boxes in order to get anything done. You can click on a step, and it shows a detail turn. It adds shadowed address boxes, not because they need to, but because they can! I love you, google.
  • There are people that subsist on Red Bull. I was talking to one of the guards today; he gets up at 9, works from 23:00 to 9:00, has two hours off, then has 5 hours of lecture at college, and then goes to his second job in the afternoon. As to when he sleeps it’s “on Friday” and he goes through about a case of red bull during the week in the meantime. Once he gets to the weekend, he “hits a handle of Captain Morgan to prepare for next week.”
  • When a woman locks a baby in her jeep, the fire department, police, and all sorts of other people show up. I was hoping the press would cover this exciting bit of local news, but I can’t seem to find any record that it ever happened. Shame I didn’t have a camera at the time.
  • I learned an awful lot about this cell processor stuff after reading the link from Chris’ post (defunct).