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Happy Lent!

Yeah, so I got my Powerbook. I got a call from FedEx at home that said “we cannot hold this package at the FedEx facility as per Apple instructions; it must be delivered.” However, that did not prevent them from holding the package on a FedEx truck, or from bringing it back to the FedEx facility after the delivery route.

One word: retarded.

I hate hate hate FedEx, and I loathe Apple for using them.

Anyhow, I’ve not spent too much time with my mac yet, but everything has worked pretty smoothly thus far. I’ve installed iTerm, Firefox (I cannot stand Safari), Meteorologist, MenuMeters, XCode, Office:Mac 2004 (thank you again, UBS, for making this free), Chimoo Timer Fugu, vim, and WarCraft III. The last item caused my first hard crash; while updating from battle.net, I closed the lid of my mac to go take a shower, and came back to a hard crash from which I couldn’t rescue the system. That sucked. Some of the stuff, li ke MenuMeters and Meteorologist are novelties, and like most such things I’ll probably stop using them soon, but we’ll see.

That leaves a bunch of other stuff I still need to get installed/configured/vetted, but it’s a start. I think on my list right now is LongHand, VLC, MplayerOSX, Fink, HandBrake, QuickSilver, Clouseau, Audio HiJack, RsyncX, Geektool, and Xinema. I’m sure there’s more than that, and then I’ll need to actually start culling the stuff that’s useful.

I was surprised by how well most of it has worked so well; I forget what it’s like not having to fight to get everything working for once. I opened up iChat AV, and opened up an AV session with Jay. There was some echo, and some lag, but the clarity was pretty good, and it just worked, with no fuss, with the onboard microphone and everything. I was also surprised that the OmniGraffle/OmniOutliner/GraphicConverter full versions were provided. I’m sure that was covered somewhere in the sales pitch, but I missed it. Not sure I’ll use any of them, but handy to have.

I really like the two-finger scrolling provided by the new touchpad drivers (I’m assuming this isn’t a hardware change), but I quickly found the horizontal scrolling made using firefox a real pain in the ass, so I turned it off. On the other hand, I don’t tend to scroll in the horizontal plane too much, so things are pretty happy after shutting that off.