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Sarah posted about a new service from Amazon.com today. This is another cool extension of the sort of tagging things included in flikr and del.icio.us, creating a folksonomy of aspirations. I would say that I don’t know what Amazon is planning on doing with it, but it’s pretty apparent — they include context-sensitive advertisements ala google, to buy stuff from their store. Genius. Want to “roast your own coffee?” Huh, Amazon puts an add that helps you reach that goal by selling your a coffee roaster. Want to reduce your stress? Huh, there’s a self-help book on Amazon that will help you out. To a certain extent, this sort of advertisement is actually pretty neat, and especially when you start building this in with people recommending you purchase something to achieve a goal, it’s really clever.

In the meantime, add the following to your UserContent.css in Firefox:

div.ad, div.ads { display: none !important }

Of course, this was already covered in the hack I mentioned, without my knowing it.

In any event, I think this will be a useful engine to drive commerce on the web, but I’m interested to see how it evolves in other directions.

Coolest feature? I started writing my first note on a goal, and noticed that it uses Textile, which is also supported by my blog (and all of the web apps I’ve built of late). Awesome.