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I know, I’ve ranted about UPS and FedEx enough, but one little additional story. We’ve had a pair of packages that have failed delivery three days in a row from UPS. For some reason, our lousy landlords are doing a lousy job of accepting packages during the day; they used to be much better at it. Anyhow, I grabbed the “final notice” slip and called UPS, and was told rather quickly “please visit our website to reschedule delivery and on and on”; rather than talk to a human, I figure I’d give it a try. I punched in my InfoNotice number, said "I’ll pick these up at the holding center (I could also select another delivery location, select to return to sender, etc.), and was given a date range during which I could do so. I drove to the UPS in SoNo over lunch, walked in, gave my name and my driver’s license and address, got two packages, and was out the door. There were three people in line, and I still had a total round trip of just over thirty minutes, which isn’t bad considering I had to go two towns easy to get to the UPS office. Painless, fast, easy, and all automated and electronic.

The last time FedEx failed to deliver a package, they could not do anything but send it back; wouldn’t work with me, wouldn’t arrange to verify with the sender that it should be sent to me, wouldn’t consider an alternate delivery address, etc. That was FedEx Ground (as opposed to Federal Express proper, which caused the powerbook delivery mess), so both arms of the company are pure shit.

This sort of mindless easy renegotiation of delivery with no fuss or hassle is what makes UPS far better at this game. If only they could fix their quirk in QuantumView notifications…