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  • Sometimes you have to ignore your direct orders and just do the right thing. A “global manager” is not much help if they ignore your emails for two weeks and fail to return your phone calls four days in a row when on the road. If a person needs to be prodded in person in order to get a response, they are qualified for a regional leadership role at best. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the folks in Abu-Gharib should have told their CO’s to shove it.
  • A pair of Shure E2C Ear Buds sounds quite a bit better than the pair of Sony sound-isolating buds I had before, and they’re a lot more comfortable. Only downside is they block even more sound, so I’m not so sure it’s safe going out in public with them.
  • I’m not alone in my hatred of SUV’s. It just appears I need to move to the UK to find some people that agree with me1. I love these guys: “Our goals are to make driving a big 4×4 as socially unacceptable as drink-driving and to increase taxes on big 4×4 vehicles, including an increased congestion charge in London and increases in road tax. We are also demanding an end to 4×4 advertisements in the mainstream media. Our campaign began in London (where drivers have absolutely no excuse to drive big, dirty off-road vehicles) but we are now active in towns and cities hacross the country. When you consider that 95% of four-wheel drives never leave a tarmac road, it’s not hard to see how we came up with our catch phrase: NOT SAFE, NOT CLEAN, NOT COOL

I’ll be in the midwest tomorrow, so while I may learn something, I may not have the chance to share it until next week.

1 I do not endorse vandalism of SUV’s or other illegal actions. That would be an irresponsible way to fight this stupidity.