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Ok, so the first day of our three-day frenzy through the midwest before our departure to France is over, and after a few more minutes it’s time to get to sleep, to wash rinse and repeat tomorrow. Let me step back a bit; we started the day by getting up at 4:00 … well, we would have gotten up at 4:00, but work called much earlier, thus the previous entry. That sucked. Throughout the day there were another 8 additional mails or so, and what really pisses me off is that one of the people that called crying for help is the same one that decided to skip work early on Thursday after arranging to get together to prevent this sort of crap from happening. Monkeys.

I finished 21 Dog Years, which was an entertaining tale of life at Amazon.com, and reminds me that it’s good I didn’t go there instead of UBS. Who knows if that sentiment is correct. 6/10.

Anyhow, we flew HPN into ORD, and I was stiff after the regional jet, but life was grand. We drove to Stevensville, had lunch with my folks, visited with my Grandma, went to see Hitch, which was good wholesome fun. It was predictable, but delivered about what you would expect, which counts for something. 5/10.

We went to dinner with Amy/Rob/Brendan/Kim, which was nice, came back to our hotel, which was seedy but sufficient (and comes with free Internet), and then we’re heading to Champaign tomorrow morning.

Some random observations:

  • An alarm going off at an airport for 20 minutes starts to get irritating.
  • The AA CRJ-70 is super-cramped in terms of leg room and does not get the “more legroom in all classes” badge
  • The Ford Taurus does not have an external lock on the passenger side.