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If you do not instantly recognize the significance of this, background reading is at ohmygoditburns.com. Long and short of it is that a $3 handle of vodka is pretty drinkable after it’s been through the Britta five times. Mel and her friends had reproduced the experiment, and I got to taste the end product. Hurrah! I was rather impressed, and was excited that Mel had reproduced the experiment. I got a pretty nasty headache later, but that may or may not have been related.

No, it doesn’t taste like Grey Goose, but if I needed a very smooth mixer, one can’t beat the price, assuming that the activated charcoal doesn’t get supersaturated with the vodka nasties after just a bottle or two, offsetting the savings of this method.

While on the topic of Beverages, Chris brought these bottles back for Mel from Atlanta. They’re really cute, and I have no idea where the motivation for this particular size came from — neither the fluid ounces or milliliters seem to have any significance to them. Still, they’re really cool; I guess that’s what you get when you move to Coke land.

The other really clever thing I saw this weekend was a light switch in the bathroom of a Mobil station; it said to flip it if the bathroom needed attention. The bathroom didn’t need attention — it was clean and pleasant … but the whole idea of it was genius.