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So I’ve been using QuickSilver an awful lot at home. I’m still a novice at best, but I already find myself struggling without it at work. Instead of being able to quickly hit a few keystrokes to add some numbers or define a word, I’ve got to go and invoke a different application, or at least go to google in my browser.

I’ve had some more time with my Powerbook, and these are the most recent observations and pet peeves:

  • In order to make something other than Safari the default browser in OS X, you have to do so in Safari. For once, I think Microsoft has this one figured out — the option to control this can be handled by the application itself, and by a control panel not invoked from Internet Explorer (though it can be accessed here). Perhaps this is also possible outside of Safari (and now that I’ve complained, somebody will probably point that out), but disabling Safari is not intuitive (to me). I still hate Safari; I mean, it works, but it’s no Firefox, and the lack of a good plugin collection, tabs, and those sorts of things (at least without paying for them) just isn’t worh it to me. Oh, and I hate the brushed metal look, and I like to avoid it as much as possible. I know I’m in the minority here.
  • In order to change the battery in the Powerbook, you need to use a coin (or have the new option of purchasing a new powerbook-specific finger). This is silly. One can make a secure slider that can be used by hand without additional tools. Maybe nobody else runs spare batteries on these things, but with only 2.5 hours runtime…
  • Sherlock is really neat. It takes the aggregation concept a step further, by providing a simplified abstracted interface to information. I don’t think it’s a replacement for an aggregator, but for specific uses, I think it’s a good complementary application. I’m tempted to develop a flickr channel for it, as a way to search for images/tags that may be relevant to a person. Of course, first I need to learn xcode, the Sherlock API, and it would help if I actually used flikr.

I’m getting beaten up at work and I’m not learning anything at the moment. It hurts. I’ll learn some French tonight.