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  • The stock WRX is a little low to the ground to clear 8 inches of powder, but it still has enough weight, and skinny enough tyres, to manage. The bottom of the car doesn’t have a terrible tendency to become a sled, but there are times when one is surfing more than driving. The front radiator intakes tend to clog up pretty quickly during this sort of tomfoolery, and of course one needs to watch out for the snow-caked wheels once exiting the venue, as they can cause rather significant handling changes, and throw some chunks of sludge in spectacular fashion.
  • Police officers tend to set up shop near large snow-filled parking lots. The only way around this was to find a large snow-filled parking lot that had no plowed access, and therefore some small chance of stopping a crown vic. All of that said, I still can’t figure out if there is anything illegal about doing donuts (of course they are being done to practice handling in unpredictable conditions, not to joy-ride). Anybody have some information on this one?