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  • Not only was Bush responsible for one of the silliest stunts ever (while invading Iraq and the whole WMD thing also qualify for this title, I’m speaking of the whole “freedom fries” debacle …, even though it’s all the same thing), he lacks the conviction to stick by it, and has restored pommes frites to their rightful if inaccurate name?. The world is a safer place.
  • The ‘/’ character on the main page of US passports is micro print that says “passport.” This was posted in a friend’s Live Journal, so I wasn’t sure if they wanted it linked.
  • I knew this before, but waiting and not knowing is one of the hardest things to handle. If I could somehow learn to accommodate not knowing what is going to happen, life would be a lot easier.
  • I can be pushed to the point where I find myself chanting “I want to die.”
  • Every single one of the 40mm fans in my external hard drive enclosures died. This was also true of the chipset cooler on my tbird board, but from looking at the way it was designed in the first place, I’m pretty sure it never provided any cooling, though maybe its failure is what caused my desktop to have so many inexplicable issues. If I ever start a high-end designer PC fabrication service, I’m going to either invest in high-quality (screw the noise) ball-bearing fans, or I’m going to invest in fanless cooling. Maybe I just shouldn’t buy the absolute cheapest external enclosures I can find.
  • I have a lot of old computer junk that isn’t worth anything these days. Anybody want a SoundBlaster Live!, or a six-year-old SCSI scanner? I’m not even sure there’s a market for this stuff on eBay.
  • RAID/LVM on linux is a lot easier now than I remember. That said, when I rebooted this morning, GRUB just kept writing “GRUB GRUB GRUB GRUB …” to the screen. I think this is because I put my swap partition first instead of my boot partition (idiot!) on the first disk in the array. That was dumb.
  • Jokes and drinks with coworkers will not make up for my misery, and will not improve my morale, and will do nothing to reduce my workload. Ok, I didn’t learn this, I already knew this, but some other folks should.
  • Filling open positions with incompetents will only make things worse. Ok, I knew that one too, but it’s worth reiterating.

Bah, this is just becoming a whiny rant.