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  • I learned what a Pundit’s Fallacy is.
  • I found out that the pope wrote a book in which he bashes homosexuals with such clever phrases as “a new ideology of evil”. Hey, pope, this ideology of evil has been a big part of the Catholic culture for a long time. I’m pretty sure “sex abuse with little boys” falls under that headline.
  • Despite the fact that there are more subarus, land rovers, jeeps, and hummers per capita out here than anywhere else in the world (NB I just made that up, and it may not be true), people in Connecticut are sissies. There’s a forecast of “heavy” (that means 5-7 inches at the long end) snow, and there are already warnings going around that people should ask their managers if they can go home, my boss has all but announced he and the regional manager are not coming in tomorrow (he rides the train, what gives?), and on and on. For some reason, people out here get scared of a little bit of snow. I grew up with lake effect and 2wd cars; everybody drove econoboxes, and we all went to work when it snowed. Part of learning to drive in the state was learning how to drive in the snow/ice. Out here, you could have a rock crawler with chains and screws on the tires, but if the roads weren’t plowed nobody would look at you funny if you said “well, the roads are a little slick, I might stay home.”
  • On that note, Jesse James is going to make a Panoz fly