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So I think I’d mentioned, all of the fans in my external enclosures were frozen up and worthless, after being used for 4-8 months a piece. Not content with inadequate cooling, I ordered replacement dual ball-bearing fans. Unfortunately, they didn’t have width on the fans, so I bought them site unseen. If I had been smart, I would probably have figured out the predicament by noticing CFM differences, but I wasn’t thinking. So, I went from a 40×40×10mm set of fans to a 40×40×30mm set of fans. Oops.

On the upside, they run at somewhere north of five times as many CFM, and should last a lot longer than the shit sleeve-bearing fans that came with my enclosures. I need to remember not to buy the cheapest enclosures on earth next time. On the downside, they are loud as hell, and they do not fit into the enclosures, which were designed for the 10mm width. To resolve this, I bolted them onto the back of the enclosures with superglue and zip ties (was too impatient to go to Fastenal and pick up some replacement bolts that would do the trick, and now they all run like a charm, with increased cooling, and enough noise and vibration to destroy both our hearing and the drives contained within.