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  • TurboTax is a piece of junk: I tried to use TurboTax behind an authenticated proxy. Failed. Error message came back “the proxy requires authorization.” There is no way to enter proxy authentication information. Check the Internet Connection settings in TurboTax — it uses the general computer Internet connection settings … but provides no facility to enter proxy authentication information. I get a little fussy when open source developers ignore things like proxies, and consider them a trivial problem to solve, but this is a commercial product! Combine this with all of the spyware problems with TurboTax, and one can safely say that this product is a piece of crap. It’s also a real bitch for people with income in half a dozen states. To get back to the proxy issue, Intuit has been aware of this problem since at least August of 2002 and has done nothing to resolve this issue. What a bunch of jokers! Apparently spending all of that time developing invasive monitoring products didn’t leave enough resource hours (over the course of three years) to develop the proxy authentication handlers.
  • I don’t think my manager gets it. Don’t get me wrong, he understands at least at a functional level some of the stresses going on in my life, and he at least admitted to doing just about nothing to help me in the last six months. Even with that, rather than sticking to the plan to take me off front-line support, it’s just back to the same old bullshit. He says things like “I want to get somebody in here to work on some web work for us, since we don’t have the technical expertise within the group.” For god’s sake, does he even know what my work history involves? When I’ve mentioned that my history is from software development, especially with a web focus, and that I’ve been hacking on web stuff since 1995… Anyhow, I’ll stop that train of thought there, but it goes back to “he doesn’t get it.” While I’m pushed to “transfer knowledge to X” all of the time, and she comes to me all of the time like “we need to get knowledge transfered for Z” the biggest impediment is not me — I make plenty of documentation available when requested (it is never read), answer all email questions (never read), block out huge chunks of time for meetings (other party is always busy), show up early (party is not in yet), stay late (party leaves early), etc. Other party is not answering evening calls. Other party is ignoring weekend calls. I can’t fix that. There’s nothing I can do to transfer knowledge when nobody is there to receive it. I can’t say as I expected anything different, but like I said, I was hopeful. So now we’re back to holding pattern, square one, with no intent to get me out. Fuck that, I’ll get me out, I’m tired of playing this game. I’m tired of delivering more, fixing more, managing more, and putting in more effort than the rest of my team and getting nothing rewarding out of it. The paycheck isn’t enough anymore. I’m tired of working with incompetent and uninspired employees in all directions — up, down, and sideways. Enough is enough. At this point I just hunger for change, which is a dangerous place. Had another chat with my old boss today, and found out exactly what he told my new manager when he went and talked to my old boss to find out what was going on with me — “You are fighting a losing battle. There isn’t a thing you can sell him to change that, and any efforts you expend are wasted. The second Aaron knows what he wants to do in his career, he will be gone.”