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We saw Robots this weekend. More important, we saw the Episode III trailer. I wanted to hate it, I did, I did! After the pretty but pointless Episode I, and one of the most tedious and boring movies of all time (we gave up watching it the first time through) in Episode II, I knew Episode III was going to suck. But, then, I saw the trailer, and just like everybody else in the whole world, I was transformed into excited anticipation in the space of a two-minute trailer. I now want to see Episode III, and I can’t help myself. George Lucas better deliver, this is his last chance, especially now that he’s screwed up the DVD’s of the last three movies.

In any event, Robots was good wholesome fun. The story was unoriginal, the whole thing predictable, was impressive as a technology demonstration, and was chock full of pop culture references and jokes. I think if you know what you are getting yourself into, you’re not going to be disappointed — this slides right in there with Shrek and so forth, in that it’s a pop-culture-infused over-humored predictable morality play with pretty computer-generated graphics and a soundtrack built to be sold as a soundtrack. 6/10.