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  • It’s not trivial to keep chrome looking clean and shiny.
  • It’s best for your capital gains to be long-term. Thank god for that, several thousand times.
  • Life is much more peaceful when:
    • Your phone is disconnected because the phone switch is going haywire
    • You forgot to open Outlook
    • You “forgot” to open chat
  • Vim’s :bufdo functionality is super-cool.
  • I like Modest Mouse even better than I thought.
  • I find not using a mac at work more and more depressing. First off, I miss having QuickSilver at work. I find myself wanting recall one of the half-thousand del.icio.us bookmarks I have, and realize I actually have to browse there to do so. This is a tremendous hassle. Better ability to use unix tools via the standard distribution or fink is worlds better than cygwin will ever be. Even though OS X is more graphical than just about any other operating system, I find it is far more keyboard intensive (and effective) than Windows. Again, this may be due to QuickSilver. While Expose seems like silly fluff, having a quick mouse or key sequence expose my desktop, or let me see everything I want is fantastic. Using the witch plugin to pick in alt-tab style is also extremely effective. I don’t mean to be a plugin junkie, but my productivity soars with this stuff. I miss the fact that I can just script/drag/glue everything together across applications without thinking. To hell with “productivity suites” — OS X is a “productivity environment.” Build it from the ground up to be productive, and it will be.
  • With distractions breaking it up, it takes me 11 hours to get through three albums worth of music at work.