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  • The Lotus Elise is a sexy car in the wild. There’s a brand new one today in the executive-director-and-above parking garage (where I walk to get my car kick), with full sport package courtesy of HRM, red with black racing stripes and yellow accents. I just want to pick it up and take it home with me. Despite its cost, it looks so much better than the various AMG SL cars and 993 and 996 bretheren around it. It steals the thunder of the tuned up 5.0 Mustang, and the Ferraris didn’t show up today. The nearby STi looked like a toy, even though it was twice the size. And so forth… As car, completely impractical, but oh so desirable.

Sorry, nothing educational today.

Wait, I lied:

  • Erik Benson is a genius and took the next logical step — he has combined all of his content, be it blogs, flickr, del.icio.us, 43things lists, into a single aggregated web presence (using bloglines as an intermediate transport, to homogenize everything). It makes so much sense that it makes my head hurt.