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Here’s something I don’t understand. Every time you move in the US, you get a new address, and you’ve got to update all of your previous address information. You have to update it with employers, people that send you bills, and so forth. The post office offers forwarding services, but these expire after a while, and are slow, and add another point of failure, and so forth. Say you miss a tax bill or something else, suddenly you’re in collection, your credit is dinged, and all of that crap, or you fail to pay something and you get a tax audit, or god knows what… It’s all a royal mess, and for people in rental properties, it is especially nasty.

We’ve gotten to the point now where there is a certain amount of phone number portability on cell networks, and some for residential lines. I think the next step needs to be to reform the postal system. If I were trying to lobby for legislation right now, it would not be to reform social security into a private-account system; I would lobby to give every citizen in the United States a unique identifier postal address to which they can, in one location, update their physical address. Instead of 14 AnyStreet Apartment 16D, AnyTown, USA 12345, one’s address could just be something hard to remember and cryptic, like 23B486C2, or perhaps something virtualized like “WombatCombat 1263” … and that address can follow somebody around through their entire life. I don’t think this would be that hard to implement, though it would have to be phased in over half a decade, to give people that utilize the postal system to adapt.