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So we were talking to a lady today that had lime green awareness bracelets. Asking what they were for, she indicated that they were for eating disorder awareness. I am a fan of eating disorder awareness, and think it is a good cause; while I’ve never worn a wristband before, I thought “what the hell, that’s great!” So I get home and search the Internet, and find that lime green wristbands seem to be for muscular dystrophy, not eating disorders. On the other hand, the correct coloration for an eating disorder seems to be up in the air. One site suggests light blue is appropriate. This also comes with the double meaning of tsunami relief and legality of abortion. I can go for that. Another one tells me purple bands are for anal sex, whereas green is for cunnilingus and the outdoors. Ok, that’s cool, but probably not as reputable. Along the way, I found so many colors, engravings, and meanings for these things that I’ve concluded that they no longer have any meaning. It’s just become a commercialized mess, and most people seem to be selling them as a fashion accessory. They’re the snap bracelet of the millenium, I guess.