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So we saw Sleepover. I’m not going to give this movie the pleasure of my feedback. However, I did finally realize why Sarah keeps renting/paying to see this garbage. It’s not that she enjoys terrible movies; it’s that she enjoys the misery they put me through, as the awkward plot inconsistencies (airbags cannot go off twice), lack of plot (where the hell did the Cindarella story come from) and the complete impracticality of it (oh, give me a break; women in high school have no honor). I mean, it’s a 0/10, a complete life waster … but I’m convinced Sarah gets some sort of sick pleasure out of it, so it’s cheap entertainment, eh?

Anyhow, we also saw A River Runs Through It, which was at least a little better. I can’t say it quite helped me to appreciate fly fishing, which was my goal, but it was still a decent film. It did make me want to visit Montanna, though, which is somewhat terrifying. 6/10.