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So we’re back from Newport, Rhode Island — it’s a quaint little place. It has one of the largest, longest, most sprawling “down towns” I’ve seen in a long time.

In any event, tucked away a little bit from the main drag, and seemingly a favorite for locals (though I’m sure there is plenty of tourist business) is Ocean Coffee Roasters, a charming little micro-roaster, featuring a lot of coffee fresh roasted (off-premise, but same-day), as well as fresh breakfast and lunch fare. Sarah has a much more detailed review, but here’s my quick micro-thoughts:

The atmosphere is very casual, diner-like; not pretentious with fussy couches, leather, and “sophisticated” music in the background. Were it not for the fuss about coffee and tea, you’d think you were at the local greasy spoon. However, the service is good, and the food is simple yet well prepared — and the coffee is pretty darn nice as well. Espresso lacked texture, but had good flavor, and the coffee itself, all prepared for us in french press fashion, was very nice. In terms of achieving what they set out to do, I can find few faults, I just wish the espresso was a little better. For a coffee-specific shop, it’s top-notch. 8/10.