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I happened upon an empty coke bottle today, for Coke with Lime. On the back is the usual nutritional label, except with a twist (forgive my pun) — there was a ‘Standard Serving’ column and then a ‘This Package’ column. The standard serving said there were 2.5 servings per container, 100 calories per serving, and all of that jazz. The ‘This Package’ column listed the container as a whole, doing the math of multiplying everything by 2.4 (nevermind that it would seem to suggest 2.5 would be the correct factor; it’s all about percent error), so that you can see that a whole bottle is one eigth of your daily caloric consumption. I don’t know that this will help anybody, but I think it’s interesting. A little sad that we cannot be trusted to do math, but that does not surprise me.

Anybody else seen these? Are these voluntary, or will everybody be switching to them now?