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So the weather was great today, so we decided to go out and hit a couple quick and easy caches in Darien. The first was a relatively easy one, but bore a 4 terrain rating because of a rickety bridge suspended about six feet over some slippery rocks and rapids.

Well, we got over the bridge fine, found the cache, and decided to head back to the car to hit the next cache. I crossed over first this time, and decided “hey, it’d be cool to take some pictures from here, and I feel pretty stable at present.” Of course, foolish me was also carrying a GPS in the other hand, and as soon as my balance went funky, I dropped the GPS into the water.

Now, this wouldn’t be a problem in a pond or something, because it’s quite waterproof, and it floats. Unfortunately, these are running rapids and cascades, and I quickly lost track of the unit. I dropped the camera on the side of the shore and emptied my pockets, and went to try to fish around in the various eddies in case it got stuck in the currents (a quick traversal down the cascades didn’t yield any obvious holdups with a $400 GPS floating in them).

So, I started fishing in the first eddy about 20 feet downstream of the bridge. Then I slipped. I got very wet very fast, and slid a little ways (but luckily not hurt or moved very far). All I could think was that it was freaking cold, and that I was going to have to get mostly naked pretty soon to stay dry. Not a happy place. Luckily, I was wearing some nice wickable North Face zip-offs (best hiking pants ever, Sarah), so I was able to strip down to just the short portion of those, and put my driving shoes on, so it would be enough to get home. Sarah was helpful with all of the wet clothes and accessories (I’d totally forgotten my glasses, but she somehow managed to get them across the stream on her face along with hers … how I still won’t figure out), and that’s where we are…