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Somehow our 1% escrow check and our 10% down payment both got exercised, even though the former was supposed to be destroyed, so now 1% of the house value may or may not (I say may not as I’ve not seen the actual debit from our checking account yet). My agent’s explanation: “Yeah, I’m sorry Aaron, this is why I hate doing this the Prudential way, I knew this would happen, and we should have just done it my way.” So let me get this straight:

  • You hate doing this the Prudential way? I never heard this until now.
  • You have another way of doing this?
  • You knew this would happen?

She also mentioned that they are probably going to balk at the size of the requested security deposit during the leaseback period, and that she should have talked to our lawyer to make sure that was smooth.

  • If you knew this, why didn’t you just talk to our lawyer to begin with? As if we know what we’re doing… if we did we wouldn’t be bothering with you and your cut of the sale proceeds.

I’m perturbed.