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Both Sarah and I were really tired this Monday. Our best theory (which is to say hers, as I don’t do well at theorizing) is that we had a lot of childish fun this weekend, and didn’t want to face the real world.

So tonight, rather than fuel our World of Warcraft addiction, we watched The Station Agent. Keeping me honest, The Tubbs Scale tells me this film ranks a 7/10. I found it enjoyable, and felt some personal resonance, but it didn’t show me anything new, or challenge me to think. Beautiful in execution but simple in design.

I still don’t have the train bug, just like A River Runs Through It did little to make me take up flyfishing, but I can’t argue with the way it framed the story. The walks down the right of way have a similar effect on the viewer that they do on the characters in the story.

All told, worth a watch when you’re feeling like a lazy feel-good movie of good quality with a slight intellectual bent.