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Ebert gave Sith a lower rating than the New York Times.

This is the first sign of the impending apocalypse; screw Nostradamus.

In any event, I’ve got some things I’ve been rolling around in my head that I
want to write about, but they’ve not fermented enough yet. My best guess is
I’ll get to writing them down after I’ve chewed on them for a bit in Belize, so
maybe beginning of June, along with a swarm of photos from there as well. One
has to do with the idea of using relative market performance as an indicator
for morality, and the other about solving the entire idea of filesystems by
getting rid of them, and replacing them with unstructured storage and meta
dimensionional hierarchies. It’s still fuzzy, and I may not understand what I
want to do until I hack out at least a paper prototype, but I think it makes