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  • Trying to force a byte-based library (like zlib) to cooperate with c++ iostreams is a bitch.
  • A long time ago, Jason Zych told me "always always always remember to terminate your class spec with a semicolon, or else all sorts of compiler nonsense will show up. Today that little reminder hit home in a big way.
  • C++’s ability to use C libraries is as swell as it is dangerous, as it forces the programmer to ignore all of the lovely safety measures, smart pointers, and so forth that make c++ so attractive these days. This is cool right up until you do something and smash your stack in some poorly-documented API. Ok, so that’s my user error, but I think the point is somewhat interesting (and I’m sure obvious to the veterans out there) — one’s whole programming process and set of paradigms breaks down as soon as third-party C libraries come into play.