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Ok, it took way too much time on the phone with different agencies, but our condo is now insured, and we’ve fulfilled the last legal requirement for our closing, beyond coughing up the closing costs. Now to start the long laundry list of service cancellations and activations, and so forth. This much I think I have figured out:

  • A static block of 8 IPs on a covad 1.5/768 dry line from Lightning Bolt DSL. No, it’s not as blazing fast as cable under ideal conditions, but we won’t get booted from warcraft mid-evening, I get reliable hosting, our whole neighborhood won’t be packet snooping, and latency for ssh communication won’t suck. Oh, and I get an SLA. I like the SLA. Long live dedicated private lines.
  • Move our old phone number to vonage with a hardware adapter. Savings of almost $30 a month over current land line, and after 500 minutes are used up, we always still have cell phones. Added bonus of off-site voicemail and all that jazz, as well as mobile accessibility. Win-win.

That leaves television to figure out; I’ve got no real feeling on the whole dish versus cable bit, so long as we get roughly the same. I guess the upside I see to digital cable is we get HD service and local service for no additional charge. Oh, and we can’t get SoapNet unless we get cablevision, for any reasonable packages. Huh, and for $20 less, we get a lot more channels, including HD versions of HBO and most networks.

Well, that was a no-brainer. Screw the dish.