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Every since I signed the first binder, I’ve been told that a free service will contact us from the realtor agency (Prudential CT) to arrange for the transition of utilities and so forth. I’ve been nagging about this service now for over a month, being that we’re closing next week. This morning I just said “fuck it” and started arranging things myself. Of course, this became a problem once I realized I didn’t have the meter number for our power meter, so I wrote our agent and said “listen, since these folks obviously have no interest in contacting us, and you’re not being of any help, can you go get our meter #?”

I guess I said it more poltely than that. Anyhow, 15 minutes later the service calls me with a “I have a form you need to fill out so we can help with your move and transition your utilities, but it has to be done in the next few hours.” Suddenly their incompetence has become my rush, because they normally need two weeks before closing. For the big freaking chunk of our house purchase that our agent/agency is getting for this sale, the 10 hours of time and complete lack of effort on their part is irritating the fuck out of me. I mean, what the hell is it with all of these wankers? Why is every step of the house buying process like pulling teeth? Why is every “I’ll call you tomorrow” always a lie, and every “we’ll have that information for you four days before closing” an empty promise?