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  • Confirmed mortgage broker/lender actually knows we’re closing tomorrow after debacles from last week (“You’ve still got ten days before we process your loan” last Friday)
  • Arranged pre-closing walkthrough at 12:00 tomorrow
  • Cashier’s check cut for remainder of down payment
  • Check cut for closing costs, pleasantly surprised to find the final closing figure to be $5000 less than my budgeted estimate (the law firm could not give me an estimate of closing costs)
  • Closing appointment made at rival seller’s law firm for 14:00 tomorrow
  • Cable/Internet installation scheduled again (cable company lost record of original request made online), for the 25th. I made an appointment for “first call” which means that I’ll be the first appointment, and that they’ll be there at 08:00. I’m dubious that anybody will show up before noon, but we’ll see what happens.

The teller at the bank assured me that real estate is a great investment (I guess the sheer look of terror in my face allowed her to infer I wasn’t the sort to take these sorts of checks out to buy a Ferrari with cash) — “as long as you take care of it, it will always appreciate.” I wish I shared her confidence … but I’m excited and scared just the same. Tomorrow we own a mortgage. In a week we get to live in it. That’s pretty neat.