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  • Second bedroom (“office”) taped, cleaned, primed, painted with a first coat. It’s blue now. Dark. Don’t fear the dark paint and the small room. Will take some pictures in coming days. I’m a lousy painter, even with tape; I’m going to have to patch-paint the ceiling, window seat, and trim. :( Sarah and I also now have blue feet and various blue splotches all over us.
  • Master bedroom half-cleaned. Will finish cleaning and taping and priming tomorrow, and will probably put the first coat on. It’s a much lighter blue in there.
  • Cable, digital cable, and HDTV cable installed. Still waiting on TV set; should hopefully be delivered next week. Delivery company does not guarantee assistance with lifting television up two flights of stairs.


  • Painting isn’t so bad. It’s the taping and cutting in that is so frustrating and tedious.
  • Home improvement is dangerous, because you start saying “eh, we could replace all of the plugs too” and then little things like “oh, I painted the blinds … maybe we should replace those too” happen.

Hopefully by midweek we’ll have both bedrooms, their ceilings, and all of their window seats painted.