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  • Second bedroom painted with a second coat.
  • Master bedroom fully cleaned with TSP, taped, prepped, and primed.

Thoughts (little to do with housing):

  • Taping trim is a pain.
  • Whomever thought mirrored closets were cool needs to be shot.
  • Going up and down a stepladder for two days IS definitely a workout. My legs hurt
  • Don’t walk on treadmill with eyes closed.
  • Dark blues are PRETTY! Will get pictures soon, though only lighting in the office right now is via sunlight through the window seat, which makes it tough.
  • Prepping and painting the master bathroom is going to a bitch.
  • In World of Warcraft, the key to a warlock is realizing that a warlock is just a mana-hungry DPS/DOT that happens to have a reserve mana bar in the form of his hit points. I know this is somewhat obvious, because we have Life Tap from day one, and Hellfire when we turn 30, but it started coming clearer the other day. First off, you get a bunch of free spells — by using drain mana/drain life/siphon life, you basically get a situation where you can do damage at no cost. Life Tap/Siphon life — no mana cost as long as you pull off the DOT for five seconds to do decent DPS, on top of your dots. Siphon Life is the same story; cast a life tap, and load it up on a mob, net cost in mana/health is nil. It becomes most evident when you’re in an instance and life-tapping/hell-firing yourself to death — you are then able to utilize any healing class as an auxillary mana tank; you nuke, you tap, you get healed, you nuke, you sear some aggro of the healer, you nuke, you tap, you get healed, and the battle is done. You get a bit of auxillary mana tanking by this mechanism in sacrificing your voidwalker, but it really doesn’t compare to just leeching mana off a healer. This of course isn’t effective if there is only one healing class and they’re supporting the main tank.
  • Warlocks get screwed for grinding, as they don’t get any experience, for example, at level 32 when trying to grind deadmines for wool. This wouldn’t be such a big deal (and for every other class it isn’t), but we can’t generate shards when we don’t get experience. Therefore, if I want to grind an instance, I need to go grind a high-level area for a while to farm shards, and then I can grind the instance, but I have no inventory space because all I’m carrying around is shards. I suppose the argument is “you’re not going to die, you don’t need a soulstone, one spell/fire stone is enough, and you shouldn’t be in a situation that will cause you to use a healthstone, and your pet shouldn’t die.” Eh, I’m not that good. In effect, Blizzard has made sure that us warlocks need to keep playing at our level. Ah well.