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As I’d mentioned, the trip to Home Depot was not completely successful. I’ve had to order our faucets online from Home Depot; while they stock them by mail order, apparently Kohler shower faucets are not generally stocked in the store. Their selection of charcoal grills was lackluster (though there was an entire aisle full of gas grills), so I’ll hold off for a bit and then mail order that and the associated equipment from Barbeques Galore. I’m still not convinced on the relative merits of Beefmaster and Bar-B-Chef, but I’ve got some time to think about it. Finally, I’m somewhat confused on what blinds will actually fit our window, as our window is 71" wide and the blinds I could find at a comparable size are 72".

On the upside, I was able to retrieve new outlets and switches for the kitchen and bedroom (sans appropriate plates, as nobody seems to stock creme-colored one-GCFI, one-switch plates, and nobody seems to stock white blank plates), a new programmable 7-day thermostat (the cost of which will be quickly repaid in turning down the A/C during the weekdays), and an insinkerator. Of course, the selection of a thermostat was a bit tricky, as I had to find one that supports heat pumps with auxillary and emergency heating. Of course, I then find after the fact that the model I selected, which states it “supports heat pumps with or without auxillary heat” does not actually fully support heat pumps with auxillary heat, as it does not have a second-state heat controller. Somewhere, deep in the back of my mind, I knew I should never meddle in HVAC work.

In any event, if all goes as planned, I’ll get the disposal unit installed this evening, and if that goes quickly I’ll install the new thermostat and attack the bedroom door with a microplane (due to expansion, it no longer closes easily). Strangely, Home Depot did not stock wood planes, or any usable woodworking tools for that matter; I was a little confused by this. Of course, the guy I asked may just not have known what a wood plane is. Locating a bottle of TSP was an adventure, plumbing putty was nuzzled in between some faucets in the kitchen area and nowhere else, and I still haven’t been able to find a guy who can tell me whether they do or don’t stock boric acid. A quick trip to my local hardware store found me a wood plane in record time, and made it painless to order the switch plates and blanks I need for the electrical work (15 minutes of searching through the plates with two other people never attracted the assistance of a store employee, and when I did find one, they were not helpful in arranging to order the plates I needed). I think I forgot some of the small-time charm and utility of the brick and mortar in the last few years.