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I called our contact at the management company and he returned my call about half an hour later — he’s authorized the on-site roofing contractor to stabilize the situation, and then once that’s been done somebody will be brought in to fix our ceiling. A few minutes later I was contacted by the roofing contractor to arrange an appointment to come out and take a look tomorrow at 8 to see what needs to be done. Now, until my roof is not leaking and I know it’s not leaking during the next super-heavy thunderstorm, I’m not confident of anything, but it seems promising so far. This is a pleasant change from the apartment management company, which is a steaming pile of shit, and unpleasant for handling any matter, small or large. On the other hand, I suppose that’s the advantage to paying a corporation to manage a condo, with the understanding if they don’t work for you, they’re going to be replaced.

On the further upside, despite the rule being in the bylaws, the management company has no desire to acquire a copy of the key to our condo, which takes a load off our shoulders in terms of liability and so forth. That’s pretty cool.

Oh, and Amazon has now compensated us for the whole $150 of our shipping on our television. It’s not perfect, and I’d rather hear “we’ve dropped Eagle Global Logistics as shipper entirely,” but it’s a start — I have no delusions that I’m going to start a revolution by myself. The television seems to work, which is also a good start. More on that once I see some upsampled content and some HD other than a baseball game.