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Seriously, what the fuck? I’m pretty sure the only collection of paperwork more complicated than insurance claim forms and coordination of benefits forms are taxes. Would it be so hard to be able to just pull up a website, associate your card to another insurer for your spouse, and then say “File a claim” and it prints out a pre-filled form, you enter the relevant information for today’s claim (or do this beforehand on the website), attach the required receipts/coordination of benefits forms/etc, and mail it out?

Similarly, for coordination of benefits between two providers, why can’t the two just talk together, figure out everything that’s going to be paid, and sort that shit out between them, rather than me having to route paper back and forth between the two?

If the financial industry traded this way, money would never change hands. On the other hand, it behooves the insurance companies to maket this as complicated as humanly possible to ensure there is no physical way people will ever file all of their claims.