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So this is based on two data points, so it’s not necessarily valid. That said,
I don’t think we’ll ever give money to anything named “All American
something” ever again. First off, there was All American
which was a
special experience during our Belize trip. Now, we’ve got All American Movers,
which managed to completely fuck us over today. They were supposed to show up
between 11 and 12 today, load up all of our boxes, and ship them over.

Now, before we get to the point, on Friday they left a message on our answering

“Hi, this is X from All American Movers. We just wanted to confirm that we
will be moving your apartment at Y tomorrow, and will arrive between 11 and 12
in the morning. Please contact us if you have any questions.”

11 comes and goes.

12 comes and goes.

12:15. Sarah calls the number on our machine. “Call this number instead.”
Sarah calls this number and gets an answering machines. Calls original lady.
“I’ll call him directly, just a moment.” Time passes. “We called to confirm
yesterday, and didn’t get through, sop we cancelled.”




You don’t screw with people like that. It’s just their house.

Long story short, they’re coming tomorrow at 10AM. We’ll see.

Also, there’s an All-American Steakhouse. They look like a strip mall steak
place. I haven’t even eaten there, and I know they suck. There, that’s three
data points, it’s a certainty.