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So the worst managed moving company in the world was supposed to, after yesterday’s fiasco be there Sunday at 10 in the morning.

10:15 – “Another 30 minutes, the key broke off in the ignition.”
10:45 – “Another 30 minutes, there are truck troubles.”
11:15 – Dispatch office answering machine, indicates is full and will not accept further messages. Central office answering machine indicates that it has been turned off.
11:45 – No change in situation.
12:15 – _Reach dispatch office, truck is on its way now."
12:30 – “We’re on Atlantic [nearby] street.”
12:45 – _I watch the second time as the truck misses the turn and run in vain trying to attract their attention."
13:00 – Truck arrives at our residence.

After that, things went pretty smooth. The moving crew themselves were fast, efficient, and relatively careful. The only real complaint is that they had a penchant for stacking things on top of “don’t stack stuff on top of me” boxes, but we planned for that, so those were carefully padded just the same. We’re about 5% unpacked, so we’ll see how everything fared once more boxes get opened, but for now, at least the move is over. We still need to do some cleaning, and move a few odd items here and there from the old apartment, but the majority of stuff is here and we’re living here. Hurrah!

After all of the troubles, it’s fair to indicate that, with much arguing, the central office provided us with a 15% discount. I’m not sure at the end of the day this was fair, but the movers themselves worked rather hard, and I don’t want them to have been screwed by this, as that’s not very fair. Still, I would avoid the parent company at all costs, as it’s run by one incompetent individual after another, and it’s not worth the headache.