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So the new thermostat is hooked up, that’s neat. Touchscreen menu-driven interfaces are the way these things always should have been done. We’ll see how it works when it’s heating season, but it recognizes my heat pump and emergency heat, and before I’d properly configured the toggle for the reversing valve, I was getting blazing hot refrigerant coming into the unit, so it seems to at least electronically work.

We had some issues getting the ReplayTV working with the digital cable box, and beyond that it couldn’t record HD, which sort of sucked. We could get HDTivo, except it’d still have to do the control-the-box-via-IR dance that is a worthless waste of time. So I called up our cable provider and said “hey, do you have an HD DVR?” They do in fact, a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD. It’s a terrible unit from the UI perspective, and I miss the commercial skip and 30-second skip functionality, along with all of the other nice usability features and speed that were lacking in things like … well, Tivo. On the other hand, it has:

  • Dual tuners (you can record two things at once, or you can watch and record at the same time)
  • HD recording (at 1080i can grab 30 hours worth)
  • Supports an external SATA disk
  • HDMI output

They charge $10/month to rent the thing, which is less than an HDTivo for a couple of years, works better, and by the time something better is out, we can just buy it instead, with no contract on the unit.

Related to this, in general I’ve had really good response and service from cablevision. Get the cable modem/digital cable installed was painless, and changess and support on the service have been fast and easy. Not that there’s really any other choice, but I highly recommend it out here.

Got some of the painting work finished last night, and just have to hit about five more small walls and three small ceilings until that’s all done for now. Other than that, it’s just a matter of about 50 more boxes to unpack and then we’re officially living in the condo.

Oh, and there’s still that whole leaking roof/ceiling thing, need to call the management company again…