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I know, you’ve all got to be getting tired of this house stuff; I know I am. Soon, things will be in a reasonable state and I’ll start whining about the usual stuff instead.

Saturday we unpacked a bunch of boxes and went to a dinner party with some friends, which was really nice; we’ve done almost nothing social in the last six weeks, so it feels good to get out again; the last barbecue we were scheduled to go to got cancelled due to the plans of our movers not being coincident with our plans. I managed to finish up the painting on Saturday as well, which is swell, and if I never see another paint can, it will be a good thing.

Sunday we went back to the old apartment to clean it and empty out the last few remaining items (mostly cleaning chemicals, by design). The place is pretty clean, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to get nailed with a big assessment out of our security deposit. I think it would be fair to say it is all part of normal wear and tear for living there 3 years (flaking paint in the not-ventilated bathroom, some damage to the blinds from use, a closet door with some problems with its rails), but I suspect the worst apartment management company in the world to piss on us for every single point. At this point I don’t have the patience or motivation to take them to small claims so I suppose we’ll just have to suck that up. It is what it is.

So now, all we have left to do is unpack the remaining boxes (about 20% left), and put the unpacked stuff away (about 30% left), vacuum the whole place, get the rugs and upholstery professionally cleaned, a whole load of administrative crap (like government change of address stuff), a thorough washing and waxing and detailing of our cars, picking out a grill (I’m torn between the expensive option that will also serve as a built-in in the future, and should last forever, and the 40% option which should work fine for 5 years; it’ll probably end up being the latter).

Then, sometime in the next year or two will be time to hire a contractor to put in a new attic door (will require structural ceiling changes, as they don’t seem to make them as small as the one we have now), replace our kitchen cabinets and appliances, update our bathroom, and so forth. Most of this work should return on our investment at around 70-80%, so won’t be a bad way to go.

Interestingly, we got an ad in the mail the other day that was sent to every unit in our condo complex saying “sell your condo now, the market is hot!” It did the great service of providing to, each of the 88 units in our area, a big paper ad telling them exactly how much we spent to buy our condo. It was easy enough to figure this out before, reading the paper, looking at the real estate sites, and so forth, but just telling each person directly “hey, these schmucks got schooled” was a little disappointing. Again, nothing can be done about it, but it sort of sucks. That’s the market, I guess.

Oh, and we still need to get the roof re-done and our ceiling repaired. Time to nag the management company again. Whee!