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Well, I played with the Weber. I started by filling the rather large Weber chimney starter about half full of hardwood charcoal, and lit it up with two firestarter cubes. In about three minutes, I had exploding fireballs everywhere, and was pretty scared I’d nuke the porch. Anyhow, this settled down after a bit, and I dumped the white-hot coals into the weber … and then I realized I had a scorching hot chimney with nowhere to put it. Not sure exactly how hot, I touched it with my suede gloves, which instantly started burning. This was a problem, as I had nowhere safe to store said blazing-hot chimney except on the grill, and putting it there would not allow me to cook (or it to cool down).

So, I eventually figured out I could safely hang it on the tool rack, problem solved. I threw on some soaked hickory chips to get the smoke going, and over a period of time did a ham-fisted job of cooking some asparagus (too much pepper, but nicely done) in a pan, and five chicken thighs. The chicken was fun, took a little longer than I thought. The skin rendered really nicely, which made it reather tender despite my complete ineptness at judging doneness of poultry. There was a nice smokey subtlety to it, but otherwise it was good times. Four hours later, the thing is still blazing hot; I need to get some marshmallows.