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Ok, apologize for the size of this post, but I thought I’d dump out a whole mess of house photos..

This was the first stab at the Tubbs Center for Advanced Computation. Sarah was not pleased with this being right out in the middle of the room, so it was later relocated. Present are 1400 VA of power protection, one of the now several servers attached, wireless router, VoIP router, etc.

Sarah at her computer; we need to get her a new chair (that’s from our dining room table) and desk at some point.

My workstation, with the data center relocated beneath it. Keeps the feet nice and toasty.

Where the water came through our ceiling. Still no word from management company, time to call again…

Close-up on the data center.

Beer fridge, CDs, and small TV in the office. TV stuff still isn’t hooked up; I need to route some more coax around the room.


It’s really hard to tell through this photo, but that’s a window in the kitchen to the dining/living area. It’s swell.

Espresso regalia. Needs to be plumbed in and moved to another part of the kitchen once we purchase some more countertop space. For now, it’s working here.

Kitten’s bathroom.

TV-end of livin room, from the dining room, with porch in the background.

Panning left…

Bookshelves and reading nook (shelves are about 5 feet behind couch, but it’s hard to tell); this is the last holdout of boxes to be unpacked. Finally found netflix rentals in one of them last night.

Looking roughly from coffee table at stairs down to front door/HVAC column/etc.

View from porch. Lush foliage gives impression that there aren’t a whole bunch of houses just down that ravine.

Bad photo out of dining room to parking lot/other units.

Thermostat. Doesn’t look like much, but I’m very proud that it works and I didn’t blow out the control transformer/air handler/heat pump. Again, I highly recommend this to anybody dealing with a multistage system; this thermostat (Honeywell Vision 8000) is exceedingly easy to use, works perfectly, and is about as flexible as they come. I now understand why people like Honeywell controls.

Bedroom, hurrah!

I forgot to take pictures of our huge window seats. Oh well…