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Some assembly required. So we realized, after starting to unpack the book/media boxes, that we don’t have enough storage. This combined with that I still have four large boxes full of liquor that are boxed up could mean only one thing: We needed more furniture. Honestly, how it all fit in the last place is beyond me. We have double the square footage, and still not enough storage…

Anyhow, we went to IKEA and picked up a sideboard and some shelves for the dining room. We’ll combine these and put all of the china and fine crystal into that, which will open up one cabinet in the kitchen for liquor; we’ll see how it goes from there, but maybe I’ll get a couple of those boxes unpacked now.

We picked up a large (6′×6′) shelving unit for the office to hold book spillover (the lovely bookshelves my dad made us are full), magazines, and software in the office. It’s far larger than we need right now but we have a knack for picking up more books.

Other than that, we picked up a new desk for Sarah, to replace her hellish tiny fiberboard monstrosity with something large enough to at least hold her screen. No clue where her old desk is going, but that should work well. Photos of all of this stuff once it’s done and put together and populated… I promise.

Anyhow, the point of this whole rant is the following:

Assembling a piece of complicated furniture from IKEA is a chore. The sideboard took a solid two hours of effort. First off, there are like … 200 pieces! It only has three doors, three drawers, and two shelves, but somehow they managed to make a box of parts that looks worse than any Technics set I’ve come across. The instructions are mediocre but to the point … and there’s no way anybody could do this without a drill. With a screwdriver alone .. well, first off you’d need four different screwdrivers, because the screws take different size heads. Secondly, they use these ingenious lockdown-cams that are a work of art. There’s nothing wrong with this, but all three use different size screwdrivers .. Anyhow, other than the cams, it’s going to take way too much force and pain to assemble one of these things without power behind you.

I learned one other thing in this process — hinges, especially of the recessed variety, are a pain in the ass. I’m sure there are some tricks to figure out how to mount these things properly, but the “put the six screws in” directions in the booklet were hardly sufficient to explain how to adjust them, how to balance, how to align, and so forth.

So, for now, the doors on the sideboard are on, level, and at varying heights. They all close without rubbing. That’s close enough for now.