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So we’ll ignore the wars … and the environmental policy … and the human rights violations … and all of that crazy stuff that people debate. Yeah, yeah, Bush is an idiot, and the only more shameful thing is that majority of our citizens aren’t aware of it. Tell me something every Daily Show viewer doesn’t already know.

As I was saying though, I think I’ve been asleep the past few days … daylight saving time has been changed as part of the new energy bill. What on earth is our administration thinking? Let’s just change the minute to have 61 seconds while we’re at it, and we’ll throw another month on the year so we can lower the minimum wage. This is insanity! You don’t fuck with the calendar, it causes SERIOUS havoc, and I’m not just talking about computers. Calendars are hard. Read history! I hate history and I’ve read very little about it as a result … but this was perhaps the most interesting aspect of the otherwise terrible Zero (see my review). Time is hard!

So yeah, every one of the seventeen billion devices that know about daylight saving time is now screwed up. That means pretty much every computer with a sense of local time, most perpetual watches, and all sorts of embedded crap (like, say, my brand new thermostat) is now legislatively broken.

“It’s just an hour.” “It’s just a minor inconvenience.”

Let me tell you how hard it is to cleanly migrate thousands of batches to a new schedule on different time zones with different daylight saving times (such as if you have batches runnin against three trading markets, in three regions, say Japan, UK, US) as it is. Now break all of the stuff that changes correctly in an automatic fashion, and you have a grade A screwup in the making.